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Plessas Palace Hotel & Environment
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Plessas Palace Hotel & Environment - Zakynthos Greece Hotels


Our hotel is committed to preserving the environment

Our priorities for contributing to the preservation of our natural heritage

Energy: "over 90% of the human economy is based on a non renewable resource".

Action: "use energy efficient equipment (e.g. by installing water efficient equipment), promote use of renewable energy (e.g. recycling paper & glass) without loosing sight or our primary objective: our comfort"

Water: "the inhabitance of the planet now uses 50% more water than 40 years ago. Meanwhile water resource available per person have reduced by half"

Action: "Install water efficient equipment, limit water consumption recycle water when possible and treat waste water"

Ozone layer: "the thickness of the zone layer has decreased by 3% the last 25 years"

Action: "eliminate fluids which cause significant damage to the ozone layer from chiller/fridges prevent all leaks"

Waste: "world waste production has increased by 50% the last 20 years: currently 10% of waste is recycled

Action: produce less waste, recycle when possible, improve the elimination of hazards wastes (batteries etc)

As a guest of the earth we welcome the world!!!


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